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Bob Tatrn

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Welcome to:

Double Dribble Bob

I feature four, short sports stories each week (Wednesday thru Tuesday) that are historical, sometimes odd, unusual & nostalgic in nature. Each story takes only a minute to read. I do not subscribe to a sports story service. Each one of my stories is the result of my own research.

Fan Facts and Trivia are updated each day, seven days a week.

Visit often. I welcome your feedback.

The Hot Dog Guys Challenge 

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 St. Joseph's High School
Natrona Heights, PA
Student Recognition

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Since 8/1/06, I have published 2,428
non-repetitive stories for you to enjoy.

MLB Pitcher

Wrestled Alligators

To Earn Side Money

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Major Leaguers

Paid Meagerly To Appear

On Trading Cards

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First Female Umpire

Drew A Paycheck

In 1904

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North-South Rivalry

Alive And Well

Long Before Civil War

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