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At Valley games, Audio-Video Class students sometimes join me for play-by-play and/or color commentary. Valley High School junior Jeff Shutak (left) and senior Brian Hetrick are pictured.

A relaxing moment during a recent game. I was priveleged to do the play-by-play of the first game ever at the new St. Joe's Gymnasium in Natrona Heights, Pa. (12/16/08)

The addition to this well-respected Catholic School is currently a work-in-progress and will greatly benefit its students in other sports as well as basketball.

The construction of this $3.5 million facility was through public funding without cost to any taxpayer. Previously, St. Joe's had to rent a nearby facility for its indoor functions. With this new facility, "Nomads No More".

(photo: Jason Heffran)

Valley High School graduate Jeremy Smith, now a sophomore at St. Vincent College, joins me for color commentary at a recent St. Joe's boys game over the Christmas break.

Jeremy is a former Valley High School Audio/Video Club member. Jeremy has worked behind the scenes in college radio & television, and was a natural for his assignment that

evening. Photo: Jason Heffran

The first announcing volunteer from St. Joseph's High School was sophomore Nick Farrell.

Farrell aspires to get behind the mike some day to become a sports broadcaster. Nick is shown here at a recent Lady Spartans game at the St. Joe's gym, supplying the game's

color commentary. Photo: Dennis Woytek

Often times, grandson Justin Fleck volunteers to keep statistics for the telecasts produced for Comcast Cablevision.

Justin is an excellent math student and aspires to some day become a play-by-play sports announcer. Camera person is Dr. Dennis Woytek, Assistant Professor Multimedia Technology at Duquesne University.

Photo: Jason Heffran

It always helps to have a little class in the press box.

At a Valley High School boys basketball game in January 2011, Valley student Mary Bertocki volunteered to present statistics at half-time.

Just in case you were wondering, it's the same Mary Bertocki who was the school's place-kicker on the football team.

Photo: Dante Cicconi

 At the Mars vs. Valley football game in 2010, Mars student Alex

 Klukaszewski joined me in the telecast of the game. Alex did an excellent

 job of color commentary and play-by-play as well.

 Good luck at Alex.

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