SportsLine's 25th Anniversary Program live from the Clarion Hotel/New Kensington, with staff and some guests.

You can't work with someone for over 40 years and not miss them after they're gone.
Joe Falsetti and I covered well over 2,000 sports events together as a team on both AM & FM radio and cable TV.  Our sports talk show started on radio, became a simulcast with cable TV, and continues to this day on Comcast Cable alone. The photo above was taken at the 25th anniversary of the show on cable TV in late 1996 at the Clarion Hotel, New Kensington, where we did a live program via uplink.  Five years prior to going on TV, the show had its baptism on WKPA radio.

In the two photos below, Joe and I are pictured on the actual set for the show at the Comcast studios in New Kensington.  The photo on the right was taken at the Riverview High School football press box in Oakmont.  Joe passed away in April of 2006.

Also shown below are photos of the various co-hosts of the Sportsline Talk Show which is now produced at the AKLC Studios in neighboring Arnold and is still carried on Comcast Cablevision.

Co-host George Guido and Bob

Co-host Mike Pavlik and Bob

Co-host Terry Van Horne and Bob

Co-host Terry Van Horne and Bob

Interviewing Jet QB Babe Parilli

1969 Jet Training Camp, Hofstra,NY

Pre-Game Show Shady Side Academy

Ice Area Comcast was always welcome

here and we loved to do their games

Joe & I on one of the first scoreboard

sets ever offered in the cable industry

Joe & I with Rich Erenberg,

Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back

KDKA's Bob Logue & wife Etta

           Bob Tatrn    Chick Boyd

Lernerville Speedway Grudge Race

Co-host John Baranowski and Bob

Joe & I at a 1984 basketball game
at Highlands High School where we
had the highest seat of any local gym

Interviewing Steelers QB
Terry Hanratty in 1971

Radio/TV simulcast of
New Kensington's NK 10K

Bob Tatrn
KQV Studios, Pittsburgh, Pa

U.S. Army photo
Fort Bliss, Texas  (1961)

1963 WKPA affiliate

WYDD-FM 104.7

1967 WKPA, New

Kensington, Pa.

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