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Hall Of Famer
Recalls An Awkward Moment
In Meeting With Shoeless Joe

Ty Cobb spent 24 years playing major league baseball.  The first player to surpass 4,000 hits, Cobb still holds the MLB record for the highest career batting average.

He was the first major leaguer to appear in 3,000 games and, was among the first five players chosen to enter Baseball’s Hall of Fame.  He retired after the 1928 season and, with his wise investments, left the game a very wealthy man.

There was one brief, awkward moment in his retirement when he crossed paths with an old friend and worthy, deserving opponent, who never made the Hall.

As Cobb recalls, he and sportswriter Grantland Rice were returning from the Masters Golf tournament in 1949 and made a stop at a Greenville, South Carolina store. Paying for his purchase, Cobb noticed the clerk was none other than Shoeless Joe Jackson who had been banned from baseball 30 years earlier in the Black Sox scandal. Cobb looked at a silent, dejected Joe Jackson and asked, “Don’t you know me, Joe?” “Sure I know you Ty”, replied Jackson, “but I wasn’t sure you wanted to know me.  A lot of players don’t”.

Shoeless Joe Jackson still ranks third-best all-time in highest career batting average, two steps behind Ty Cobb.  Had it not been for the 'fix', this story would have been a whole lot different.there is or ever was such a person as Herschel Morowitz, he would have a special place in MLB history if what was said about him by at least one website is true.

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