The Ball
That Never
Came Down

Key West, Florida, was host to one of baseball’s strangest events ever.  Had it been a MLB game, it would have been big news. However, it was a minor league game with only one sports reporter to give an account.

Key West hosted St. Petersburg in August of 1974.  In the 1st inning, Joe Wallis of Key West lifted a high fly to right field where John Crider was playing.  The 2nd baseman also made a back-up jaunt to short right field. The batter cautiously rounded first base, noticing the ball had not yet come down.  Future MLB star Garry Templeton, the Pete’s shortstop, also made a short jog toward the outfield. The ball, a far cry from being a home run threat, was not coming down. It was lost in space and all the fielders were now covering their heads for fear they'd be hit. In the confusion, Wallis touched all the bases.

The ball simply disappeared.  The umpires huddled to discuss the situation, then ruled it a home run because no one saw the ball go foul.  A post-game search for the ball proved fruitless and the weatherman said there were no atmospheric trade winds disturbance.

1,000 attending fans and both teams were witness to it all. However, Key West is close to the Bermuda Triangle and, "Twilight Zone" host Rod Serling was still alive when this eerie, strange event took place.
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