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Good Lip-Readers 



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You won’t find the job listing posted anywhere publicly but, if you can read lips and do it well, you could probably find work with a team in the NFL.


According to some reports that have carried comments from NFL coaching staffs, the art of ‘lip reading’ is the latest method of learning legally what opposing teams are doing that they obviously don’t want you to know.


The lip-reader uses high-powered field glasses and focuses his or her attention on the coach who signals what play is coming up, offensively or defensively. Most times, these coaches cover their faces with a clipboard. However, there have been times when a coach forgets to do so.


An assistant coach from a team in the National Conference has admitted they have acquired several dozen plays from five or six teams using all methods of detection, including lip-reading.


Still, other coaches don’t buy it because of the time factor between plays. However, it pays to put a person in the press-box with high-powered binoculars and study activity on the opposing team’s sideline. When a coach gets careless and doesn’t shield his mouth, plays are stolen and, as we’ve all be told:  “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”.

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