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Future NFL Lineman
Became A Real Hero
With An Act Of Bravery In HS

Mississippi State football coach Dan Mullen must have  experienced goose bumps when he led his team onto the field for the first time in 2011.

Dressed for the game was a freshman by the name of Kaleb Eulls, a local hero for an act of bravery.

At age 18, he saved the lives of 23 people, 21 of them were fellow students.

A year before entering Mississippi State, Kaleb Eulls was a senior at a school in Yazoo County.

He wrestled away a 380-caliber semi-automatic handgun from a 14-year old female student who seemed intent on getting even with someone for constantly teasing her.
Eulls was asleep on the bus when one of his sisters woke him to warn of the volatile situation.  Fortunately, no shots were fired before the young lady was subdued, but who knows what would have happened had the girl suddenly decided to use the weapon.

Eulls played his entire career usually at defensive tackle. He was named to the SEC-All Freshman team. After graduation, he signed with the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted free agent.  He played defensive tackle in 2015 and moved to the offensive line the following year.

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