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University Of California Snatches Victory From Jaws Of Defeat 

It is simply known as “The Play”.


It was a squib-kick kick-off with a total of four players touching the ball offensively, two players touched it twice. 

It is hard to imagine that anything similar to “The Play” will ever happen again. It took place in Berkeley, California, where some say a lot of strange things happen anyway. 

It was November 20th of 1982 when rivals Stanford and California met on Cal turf for the 85th time in their legendary football series. Late in the game, Stanford quarterback John Elway engineered a drive which led to a field goal with only four seconds remaining in the game to give Stanford a one point lead. The only thing left was a victory celebration. 

Excessive celebration penalized Stanford 15 yards, giving Cal a slight advantage with a shorter field for the kick-off. On the ensuing kick, the first of four players fielded a squib kick near mid-field. 

A series of laterals by four Cal players got the ball across the goal line and Cal scored a miraculous 25-20 victory. The last player to carry the ball, Kevin Moen, leaped into the air, knocking over a Stanford trombone player. The Stanford band thought the game was over during the series of laterals and did a premature victory march downfield. 

It was a most embarrassing loss for Stanford and nothing but bragging rights for Cal.

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