On Fire...
Teammate To The Rescue

While researching the history of ice hockey, I read a brief account of a Quebec Junior League game that blew my mind away. The story was about goaltender Abie Goldberry, injured in a game some 80 years ago.  

Injuries to goaltenders back in the day when face masks were not worn, were mostly being struck in the face with a blazing slap shot. The injury Goldberry suffered was a first, and still is, the only one of its kind.

During the game, Goldberry had a book of matches in his pocket.  When struck by the puck, the matches ignited, setting his jersey on fire.  It took six minutes to extinguish the flames. He was badly burned in the incident and, it could have been fatal if a teammate had not come to his rescue.

No matter where I searched for additional information, nothing more was available. Those responsible for the story did not report as to whether or not Goldberry’s career was over or, why he had the matches in his pocket to begin with.

I couldn’t even locate a Quebec newspaper article with an account of the incident.  So, we’re left to ponder and, perhaps, keep searching.  There's more to the story somewhere.

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