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You’ve got to admire a woman who accomplishes much in her latter years, especially in athletics. Take the case of Marie Buder from Spokane, Washington.   Now approaching her 80th birthday, Buder can look back on a life that has seen her finish 37 marathons and competing in over 300 triathlons.

More than a dozen years ago, Buder broke the world record for her age group of 65-to-69, in the Ironman competition that includes swimming and riding a bicycle.  She’s competed in 34 Ironman events.

She won her age group’s title at the USA Triathlon National Championships just two weeks after fracturing an arm in a bike collision.

Athletics is her second calling in life.  At age 23, she followed her first calling and became a nun in the Catholic Church.  After listening to a sermon on the physical and spiritual benefits of running, Sister Buder began the exercise as a past time.  Before long, she was training religiously and was ready for competition. That was some 55 years ago.

When people ask if its appropriate for a nun to compete in races, she has a ready answer: “Don’t apologize for the gifts you’ve been given, only apologize for not using them”.
Do I hear an “Amen”?

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