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NFL 'Bad Boy'
Took His Temper
To Hollywood 




When an ex-jock makes the silver screen, former opponents can’t help but relive the nightmare episodes they once had on the field of play with Hollywood’s new find.  A good example might be the career path of former NFL linebacker, Bill “Romo” Romanowski.

He was involved in numerous altercations with opponents as well as teammates.  A head-kick to Arizona fullback Larry Centers drew a $4,500 fine imposed by the NFL. A helmet-to-helmet hit on quarterback Kerry Collins cost him $20,000 and ‘Romo’ paid out an additional $42,500 for three other illegal hits.

Perhaps the most difficult episode to swallow was when he punched teammate Marcus Williams, crushing his eye socket.  Williams filed a $3.4-million law suit, trying to prove Romo was on steroids when he attacked him. The judge, however, awarded $340,000 in damages, a fraction of what Williams filed for.

Romanowski last played in the NFL in 2003. Nowadays, with his movie career blossoming in Hollywood, he’s taking instruction from directors, telling him how to play out different scenes.  My question: what happens if he disagrees with one of these directors?  It should be interesting when either party insists it's' my way' or the 'highway'.

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